Life Planner


Three years ago, my sister got me my first planner. To be honest, I didn’t know what the hype was but the moment, I opened it up and started planning out my days and decorating each week, I fell in love! I decided to do this post because so many girls always ask me where my planner is from and it always brings me so much joy to let them in on my planner addiction. Fellow planner addicts know you just can’t stay shut about it. 🙂

My very first planner was the Erin Condren one and I thought I would never trade her in. But these planners are on the pricier side ranging from $50-$55 so the following year, I was on the hunt for a functional, pretty, and cheaper planner. This is when I found The happy planner which range from $20-$35. I loved her too! But of course, my inner planner addiction was just searching for something more. Something that was more interactive and christian based. This is when someone told me about The horacio printing planner. This planner has genuinely been my favorite thus far!!!


When I first got her in the mail, I was obsessed. I fell in love immediately and couldn’t wait to find something, anything, to write in the pages. The planner I got is The lovely planner. It’s hardcover with gold coil binding and opens up to a little message from the creator Polly, which is super cute. But what I love so much about this planner is how interactive it is!


Before going into the actual week-to-week and month-to-month planning section, there are pages dedicated to exercises of dream planning, a yearly bucket list, a refocus cloud, generosity planning, a heart check, and even a list for your fears. This planner got me thinking about my present spiritual life and how it’s reflecting on my everyday daily life. I was able to sit down and pray through my God-given dreams and goals to visualize how to accomplish them. But what was even greater, is how this planner includes a page where I can write out what is distracting me from putting forth the action to achieve my dreams and goals. I loved how where you list your fears, you can also write out a verse to counteract that fear because the truth is, we need reminders. A professor once told my class that God doesn’t help you remember what you first haven’t forgotten so this planner helps me remember. It doesn’t just help me keep track of classes, appointments, goals, homework, papers, to-do lists, exams, birthdays, and important dates but it helps me remember the things that truly matter; the people I love, the things that influence my spiritual life, the dreams I have, and the things I should do more of. It helps me prioritize and manage my time wisely without overemphasizing my schedule but what God wants me to do with the time He’s given me.


I love how it also includes monthly praise reports! This is so essential because it helps build a heart of gratitude and praise which is crucial for a healthy christian life. It also has bible verses on each page which is a major plus.


If there is one thing I love most about this planner is how minimal it is because you can just decorate away to your hearts content. I love stickers, washi tape, and colorful pens so this is great. I get my stickers and notepads from michaels, etsy, and target. I get all of my washi tape from michaels as well.


If you’re looking for an interactive, christian based, functional, pretty planner then I highly suggest the horacio printing planner! Not to mention that 10% of ALL sales goes towards fighting human trafficking efforts; I mean, how awesome is that!


I recommend this planner to moms-on-the-go, students, people with super busy schedules, the average 9-5 working girl, and anyone who loves planning! This planner is for everyone 🙂

Holy Vision

“For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” Romans 8:24-25


Sometime last year, I decided to completely make over my room. I had no one to help me but I was determined to put in the hard work and get the job done. I went to home depot and bought everything I needed. I bought the paint, paint brushes, the sheetrock, sandpaper, and painters tape. Needless to say, I got started right away. I tore down the walls to my closet, patched up holes in the walls, and prepared the room to be painted. What I thought would have taken a day or two turned into about a month of work. Although I wanted to quit, I had this hope of what my room would eventually look like. I couldn’t see it just yet but I had hope in the hard work I was putting in. I knew that eventually my hopes would become reality. I knew that my vision would become concrete because I hadn’t lost hope. Thankfully, everything turned out exactly how I thought it would. I had a beautiful room and I felt so accomplished. Now every time I walk into my room, I’m reminded that being able to see things before they come to be is so powerful. There is power in seeing things beyond your means.

In 2 Kings 6, we meet a prophet named Elisha and his servant. Now Elisha was a man of God that often got into trouble for speaking the truth. This is exactly what happened in this passage. Elisha is being hunted down by the king of Aram for warning him of an enemy attack. The King hated the fact that Elisha knew things that he didn’t. So he sent his army to seize Elisha. When Elisha’s servant woke up the next morning, he went outside and saw this huge army approaching them! Immediately he was overwhelmed with fear and cried out to Elisha. I can imagine him screaming, “Elisha, do you see this hugongous army? What are we gonna do? They’re gonna kill us!” Of course the servants reaction is normal. His fear is coming from a very real place because there’s a very REAL army approaching them. But Elisha’s reaction is nothing short of amazing. He goes to his servant and says in verse 16, ‘ “Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” ‘

How in the world does Elisha know there’s even an army with them? The bible only mentions him and his servant. But Elisha had the greatest gift anyone can have; he had holy vision. Elisha saw the potential possibility in an impossible situation. He didn’t allow his situation to taint his holy vision. In the middle of a battlefield, Elisha saw beyond his circumstances. He saw the possibility of winning an impossible battle because his eyes were not centered on the situation. He had hope that extended his boundaries. In 2 kings 6:17 it says, “Then Elisha prayed, “O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!” The Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.” When Elisha prayed for his servant, his patience superseded his servants fear.

We need to learn to see the potential of what people and things could be, instead of trapping them in our belief of their current state. That is having holy vision; hoping for things not seen. Elisha could have easily dismissed his servant, but instead he prayed that he too would have holy vision. Because of this, they were both able to see the great army of God fighting on their behalf. Having holy vision is where the SUPER collides with the natural. Its where impossible situations turn into Gods canvas for His greatest surprises.

When you have hope in things not seen, you see the possibility of something before it comes to be. Just like Elisha, before the battle even began, he saw INTO the future. Because when God allows you to see His army fighting for you, you know the enemy that is against you will NOT win. When you have holy vision, you have INsight into the future because your faith and your hope gives you 40/40 vision. You see things that aren’t YET there. The key word is yet because eventually, Gods proVISION will come to pass.

In Hebrews 11:1, it says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hope is a very powerful thing. It allows us to have holy vision because we anticipate the arrival of something we want or need. Just like Elisha, we are able to see beyond our resources. Hope is when we wait for healing for our mother with cancer while she’s still going through chemotherapy. Its when we wait for financial stability while still in debt. We have not yet seen these things but we hope that it’ll come to pass because we see the possibility before it even comes. We see the great army before the battle even begins. We see the finances before they even come rolling in. You see the freedom even before you are free. When you have holy vision you see the greatness of God even before you see God himself. But most of all, you believe in God and hope for His almighty power.

Let Us Pray

Father God, I thank you that you are the author of my hope. I thank you that you are the one that gives holy vision when I can’t see beyond my circumstances. So I come before you asking you to infect me with your hope in things unseen; that it would even be contagious to those around me. Help me have a vision like Elisha, that even though I’m surrounded by an impossible situation, I know you are the one that is fighting for me. So I ask that you would give me the vision to see your hand working in my life.

In Jesus’ name, Amen
With love & many Blessings,