Project Healing


When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”
– John 5:6

             In honor of bringing in the new year this past Sunday, I had the youth I teach do a praise report for 2016. They had to think of good things God had done in their lives for 2016. Oftentimes, we focus on all things that go wrong that we leave no room to see the blessings. It was important for them to reflect on the goodness of God in their lives because it would set up the atmosphere for 2017. It would enable them to believe God for even greater things in this year before us. So, for my praise report I wrote how I was graced with the privilege of teaching the youth. Had it not been for God orchestrating events in my life, I wouldn’t have this beautiful opportunity to teach them. I wouldn’t have been apart of what God is doing in their lives individually and as a youth ministry. It has been a tremendous blessing to say the least.
As a youth ministry, I recently brought them through a teaching series titled, “Meeting God in different seasons in different ways”. For one particular lesson, they learned about “The God who heals”. During Jesus’ ministry on earth, He healed countless people from a myriad of diseases, blindness, ailments, possessions, and spiritual unbelief. As I studied the aspects of healing, I realized how much we have control over our own healing. Let me explain. . .
In John 5:1-9, Jesus is in Jerusalem near a healing pool called Bethesda. While He was there, He noticed a man who had been an invalid for 38 years. Now it’s important to note this man was paralyzed in some way for a full 38 years, yet the first question Jesus asks him is, “Do you want to get well?”. When we are in a certain state for a period of time, we become conditioned to being that way. We become accustomed to living with the aches and pains, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It becomes our normal. So the first aspect of healing is to actually Choose healing. We have to choose to want to get well. The second aspect is to realize only Jesus can heal you. In John 5:7, the invalid says he has no one to help him into the pool. He comes to the realization that only Jesus can help him because no one else has been able to.
The third aspect is to believe in the healing. In Matthew 9:28, Jesus is in his hometown of Capernaum and He comes across two blind men. As they are following Him, Jesus goes indoors and asks them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” Healing isn’t a question of whether Jesus can heal or not, Jesus is healer. But it is a question of “Do you believe?” You need to believe to be healed. You have to believe in the healing even before it comes.
The last aspect of healing is being aware of what you need healed. In Matthew 20:32, Jesus comes across two blind men as well and the first question He asks is, “What do you want me to do for you?” In order for healing to begin, you need to be aware of your need for healing. Awareness is powerful because it means you are no longer blind to your wounds.
I want you to pay attention to the fact in all these stories of healing, Jesus asks the person in need of healing a question. Sometimes we go to God asking Him what to do but because we aren’t expecting a question, we misinterpret God’s answer for silence. Sometimes God speaks in questions too. So as you go forward, remember the acronym: CRBA.

  1. Choose healing
    2. Realize only Jesus can heal
    3. Believe in the healing
    4. Awareness of what you need healed

An open letter from me to you:

When I began Project Healing in November of 2014, I had no idea what God had in mind. All I knew is I had this God-given dream birthed in my heart and I needed to take action. I needed to share what God had done in my life in hopes of you too being infected with the healing bug. Project Healing was birthed because of tears found in open wounds, failed friendships, and broken relationships. But more because of transformation and healing. So while I haven’t made time to write newsletters as frequently, you are all in my prayers.
Entering 2017, my prayer is that you, yes you, realize your God-given potential and more-so your God-given dreams. I pray you would take courage and follow Jesus into the unknown. I pray you would see God’s hand in your life because I assure you, He is there. I pray when you hear His voice, you would not harden your heart. I pray you would grow in love and be stretched in wisdom. I pray you would bring every little thing that fills you with guilt and embarrassment to the foot of the cross and not to the pit of shame. But most of all, I pray you would be healed from the very thing(s) that may be stopping you from entering freely into the love of God.

As always, with love and tons of blessings,


HAPPY 2017!

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Dear God Daughter

Dear Bella,

Your name defines you so well. I’m learning that sometimes God creates something beautiful out of chaos and you are that something beautiful. You came into our lives like a rushing wind and maybe even turned it a little upside down. But love, true love, shakes us up and makes us realize we were missing something great. As you were twirling your dress at the altar on Sunday, I saw exactly what that something was. It was you. All of you. You see, God placed greatness inside of you. So with all of your tenacity and fierceness, we are each learning the wonders of life, even in the moments where you’re stubborn. And because your mom has given me the honor of being your godmother, there are a few things I want to share with you; things I hope you’ll learn and others that I hope you’ll never forget.

I heard somewhere that mothers choose godmothers because they hope their child will be a little like that person (all the good things, I hope). But as I grow more, I realize I wouldn’t want you to be anything like me. I grew up thinking I needed to be like everyone else to fit in and belong. But the truth is, if you live life this way, you’ll never truly belong. I’ve learned the only place you’ll ever fit in, is in Gods hands. He made you perfectly to fit into them. So let yourself find who you are in Him. And if you ever forget for a second who you are, I hope you’ll always look up. . .

I hope you learn that mistakes are powerful and necessary. Don’t distance yourself from them because it’s how you learn best. But remember that mistakes don’t define who you are, they’re just meant to teach you valuable lessons. It took me a long time to learn this one. So I hope you find freedom in letting God teach you His lessons through your mistakes. And whatever you learn, it’s never yours to keep. God teaches us things so we may pass it on. So always, always, pass it along.

I hope you never forget that your sister will always be your best friend. You don’t always have to follow her advice but listen to it anyway. She’ll frustrate you, upset you, and maybe even make you cry sometimes, but in the end, she’s the person that will love you even when you’re a little difficult to love.

I hope you learn that your value is never going to be found in people’s compliments, criticisms, or judgements. Your worth lies in what God says about you. So learn more about God and I promise you’ll find exactly how valuable you are in spite of what people say.

I pray you learn that even though people have bad days, it doesn’t make them bad. Those are the days they need love the most. And loving people is actually pretty simple. Just listen and let them be themselves. You don’t have the power to change people or you, only God can do that. So let it all go and love people anyway.

I hope you learn the power of words. So use them for healing, even when you want to hurt someone for hurting you. Use your words to build people up because that’s what they’ll remember.

Never forget that mom really does know best. No one on this earth will love you as much as she does. So listen even when you want to walk away. And you know there will be moments when you just want to call mom & cry right? Don’t second guess it. Just call her. She’s the only person that will let you cry and scream and love you anyway. Always call mom, everyday. No matter how busy you get. She’ll always expect that call.

I hope you never forget where you came from and just because you aren’t sure what your next step is, doesn’t mean you aren’t exactly where you’re supposed to be. I hope you learn that being in the moment is what counts. I hope you never lose sight of how beautiful the clouds are. I hope you look at the wonder of nature and learn that you are Gods masterpiece too. I hope you fall in love with the sound of your laughter because it really is beautiful. I hope you never live by how you feel but always stick to your commitments. People will respect you for it and you’ll learn to respect you too.

I pray that your faith is renewed every morning. I pray that you see the great things that you will accomplish even before you see them. I hope you have the patience to plant flowers and wait for them to grow. I hope you learn to see the details in the big picture because that is what makes up everything. I pray you learn that a man is a desire not a need because only God can give you exactly what you need at just the perfect time. I pray you never forget that unconditional love can only be found in God. I hope you learn that you are never ever alone because you always have Jesus. I hope you learn that fairy tales do exist but only in Gods kingdom. So remember , always look up. I hope you never stop searching for the treasures that God placed within you. But most of all, I pray you always spread love and be love because THAT is what God has blessed you with.

Love,your godmother.