About Me

Hi, I’m Neli!

If you were to ask someone who knows me to describe me, I’d like to think they’d say I’m a storyteller. You know that sit-around-the-kitchen-table-and-talk-about-life kind of storytelling while laughing until your stomach hurts and your cheeks are sore. I love stories. I love listening to them and telling them that much more. It must be the Puerto Rican in me. But there’s just something intimate and powerful about getting together with people and sharing little pieces of yourselves with one another. So I hope this blog is just that; little pieces of me to you.

I’m a New Yorker by default, a Christian by grace, and a student by choice. I was born & raised in church (Yes, I am the preachers daughter) and I’m in school working toward my masters in mental health counseling. I also went to beauty school so I can paint your face and help you be your own kind of beautiful. I love the little things; a good book, an intricate painting, and going for daily runs. It’s the details that excite me.

Other than that, I have a website that inspired this blog. So go check it out if you’d like. And with that being said, be encouraged, be empowered, and be blessed! : )


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