Let God be enough

The day I put that ring on my finger, something changed. I didn’t really feel different. But something wasn’t the same. I somehow knew I didn’t belong to me anymore. I knew I belonged to you. So as I walked out onto Fulton street, there was an unspoken vow that filled the misty air. There was a forever promise that enveloped my every move.I don’t think it happened right away because I stumbled for a while but you caught me each time. And although that ring has lost its crystals and I no longer wear it, that promise still stands.

That rainy day, I promised to never lose myself to another man. I promised to always find myself in you. And I promised to keep myself completely pure until marriage. Some people call it a promise ring and others call it a purity ring. I’m not sure I have a specific name for it. All I know is I am yours, you are mine, and I’m caught up in your love. And while the world tells me there’s something wrong with being single, and that there has to be something wrong with me because I’m still single at 26, you tell me you are enough. I’m still learning how to let you be enough God, but I’m sure there is no other love that can fill me up like yours can. And to be quite honest, if I’m meant to be single, then today I shall be single. So I trust in you Lord. Because in you, there is no fear, no questioning, and no insecurity. In you is where I find my true love story. You are enough.


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